Our Products

RegelTek Machines & Automation Works: 3/9 DSIDC Shed Phase-II, Nandnagri Delhi Regd. Office: M-149, 3rd Floor, South City-I, Gurgaon



Milling SPM:

A specially designed for 4 axis CNC milling machine for both side machining of any kind of component. In this machine more than one component can be machined. Feed of the cutting is variable through CNC programming. Loading unloading automation can be done on request.

Multi Drilling Machine:

Drilling machine for back plate of disc pad having radius and small thickness. Quill type spindles having Jog & Rapid movement. Spindles also manufactured in house

Belt Cutting:

Timer belt taper cutting machine based on CAM & cutting angle can be adjustable.

Lapping Machine:

Oil Lapping machine for multi cone synchronizer ring. Fixtures moves automatically and machine not required to stop for loading and unloading of the components.

Leak Test Cum Printing Machine:

We have developed leak test cum printing machine for fuel tank. We are drying the surface after the leak test and printing through Industrial ink jet printer as desired.

Multi drilling Machine:

Machine has been developed for drilling 10 nos of drill simultaneously.